Avolv is Pakistan's first venture builder – startup incubator – and a commercialisation consultancy. Avolv began as an idea several years ago, at a time when venture builders and incubators were unheard of, and thus evolved with time. Eventually, years after, when incubators, accelerators and venture builders are commonplace - at least in the western hemisphere - Avolv is now bringing to life companies driven by innovation. Today, Avolv is Pakistan's first venture builder and commercialisation consultancy. The foundry of innovation – and disruption – this side of the Indian Ocean, Avolv strives to build companies that create value and bring about innovation in not only technology but other industries. Avolv is best described as a venture builder, a mashup of a startup incubator and a startup incubator, combined with, where need be, performing the roles of an angel and even a VC. Added to that, Avolv is also a commercialization consultancy.

Pakistan is home to several succesful and high profile accelerators – mistakenly referred to as incubators – such as Plan9 and the PSEB Incubator. Avolv's Startupfactory is not an accelerator but more of an incubator. Rather than explain it in detail, we'll simply point you towards this amazing Inc article – Accelerator vs. Incubator: What’s the Difference?.



Where companies are manufactured. The birthplace of our ventures, which we grow – incubate – from mere ideas and turn into viable products and/or companies. Avolv's Startupfactory – its incubator meets accelerator – is more of a venture builder inspired by the likes of YCombinator, Idealab and Rocket Internet. Avolv's Startupfactory is however much more similar to Rocket Internet than YCombinator, gestating internally developed ideas and having externally brought in teams work on then. However, we are also part–accelerator – always open to ideas. So, from ideation to startups, this is the Startupfactory way.

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A key part of Avolv's strategy is commercialisation, thus operating as a commercialisation consultancy. One aim of this is to establish commercialisation centers at major universities – which, as of date, are nearly non–existent in Pakistan – and then use these as hubs to promote enterpreneurship amongst students and turn research into business.

Commercialisation is usually used to describe the process by which academic research is taken and turned into a viable business. This is often done through technology transfer (i.e selling a technology to a business) and turning research into a product and/or company. At Avolv, commercialisation is usually done via technology transfer and entrepreneurship – manufacturing companies (i.e startups). This usually begins with what we label ‘commercialisation consulting’. This usually involves analyzing research (in case of universities) This is then followed by either building a venture or by ‘technology transfer’. We are also a commercialization consultancy that helps organizations, universities and companies, create viable business – from ideation to product creation and development. For universities, Avolv helps turn research into viable business. For companies, Avolv helps create new products.



Avolv is currently in the process of establishing various commercialisation centres at notable universities to serve a dual purpose in terms of building ventures, promoting entrepreneurship and turning research into viable and profitable business – be it a product or a company.We envision a network of such centres, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. Avolv centres, located at select universities, are focal points where faculty, students and industry leaders meet. Commercialisation centres facilitate Avolv's work and act as hubs of entrepreneurship for students – and faculty – from turning final year projects (FYPs) into products to turning peer–reviewed research into business. Avolv is currently in the process of establishing Commercialisation Centres. More details are available on the dedicated centres website.

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Reach us via email at mail(at)avo.lv or contact us via this form.

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